(DEV): Elaboration and implementation of IQA indicators, policy and strategy, results analysis and improvement of IQA

2.1. Study Visit to WP Leader focusing on policy for quality assurance integrated at a university level

2.2. Designing the complex methodology of IQA system in student-centred education

2.3. Designing the complex methodology of IQA system in the improvement of the quality of the teaching staff and research

2.4. Workshop in Partner countries with participation of the main stakeholders (students, university administration and teaching staff, and employers)

2.5. Implementation of the IQA policy and strategy in Partner countries of the project

2.6. Communication and analysis of the results of the IQA system implementation at a workshop in the Program country

2.7. Introduction of a shared IQA systems in IQAinAR Program and Partner countries in student mobility and internalization of education aspects