Dissemination and Exploitation

6.1 Informative website (basic), Newsletters, press releases, short articles and promo materials (booklets, brochures, T-shirts, …)

6.2 Informative institutional seminar (by each partner countries HEi) at the beginning of the project (after 1.1)

6.3 Exploitation local/regional workshops (3 by each partner countries HEi partner: at the beginning of each year)

6.4 Editing and printing of final products

6.5 National conference in Moscow

6.6 International conference in Moscow

6.7 Wide distribution of final products ●Articles, conference papers and posters ●Use if dissemination channels: TV, social ●media, networks, … ●Creation of a series of TV programs by ●university TV channels from consortium ●members on career ●chances/advancem ent/recommendati ons/int ●reviews etc. ●Links in relevant websites (the Ministry, ●universities, companies, the Union of ●Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, other ●stakeholders) ●International education-labour market fair or other.